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We help you know your business inside and out – and predict its future.

Avoid surprises with budget preparation, monitoring, and a better understanding of your financials. We organize and analyze your financial data so it can be a tool for your business.

We save you money.

Hiring a part-time CFO service is more cost effective than hiring an internal CFO – since an internal CFO’s average salary is between $80,000 – $180,000 before benefits. On average, businesses spend significantly less on CFO services than they would on a full-time CFO or Controller.

We can help you prevent fraud and inaccuracies.

We offer an unbiased review of your policies and procedures. That way, you worry less and have confident in your accounting operations.

We don’t need vacation days.

If you hire one CFO, you have a team of one. If you hire us, you have a true team, and you don’t have to worry that we’ll need vacation or sick days. Consistent availability means constant support for your business.

We set you up for consistent success.

We develop day-to-day accounting and collections policies and procedures tailored to your business. These documented processes help your business, whether your goals are to sustain, expand, acquire or sell.

Business Owners

Does this sound familiar?

As a business owner, you need information on cash flow, projections, and budgeting. Without accurate data on how your business is performing, you risk running out of cash to run your business. But putting together a budget or cash flow projections is a big job. And what if you can’t afford to hire a full-time accountant?

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